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About us is a personal guide into the world of WeChat and Business with China.

Changing the way we talk about WeChat!
No more puzzling over: scanning a QR code, verification and other problems that arise when registering WeChat.

Our company provides services on dealing with WeChat issues: scanning a QR code, selling WeChat accounts and providing training on "Business with China".
We ourselves have gone all the way from A to Z, so we have developed the most effective algorithm that guarantees 100% success in activating your WeChat account.
Working with us, you save yourself a lot of stress, money and precious time.
Do not miss the unique opportunity to become one of the users of the most closed application in the world - WeChat, which provides its users with endless possibilities.


Verification in WeChat operates on the principle of "Invitation by guarantee".
After passing all the procedures, at the final stage of WeChat verification, a picture with a QR code appears. This code needs to be sent to the current user, so that they can confirm your intention to become a new user in the "SCAN QR-code" section, and preferably within 1 minute after receiving the QR-code.
However, not all current WeChat users are QR code compatible.
Below are a number of conditions that the inviter must meet:

- At least 6 months needs to pass from account activation date;
- For Chinese citizens, it is necessary to integrate the payment card with the application;
- Lack of internal rules violations for the user;

In addition, there is a quantitative limit on adding users as friends via scanning the WeChat code:
An existing user is able to scan QR-codes only for 3 new users per year and no more than 1 user per month!

An important point!
By verifying your account, your referrer agrees to the "friend-guarantor" terms, and if you commit any violations, he will bear the same responsibility, up to getting his account blocked.

What if there is no suitable friend ready to help with WeChat verification?
Contact us for help, of course! is a professional team with 2 years of WeChat activation experience.
We have concentrated over 3000 active WeChat users and created the most extensive network of services, so join us as well!
We provide the following services:
✔ WeChat QR-code confirmation - 60 seconds after placing an order;
✔ Ready-made WeChat accounts - you can buy an account with the right to change WeChat accounts to your name;
✔ "Business with China" training - up to the result.

Leave a request, we will be happy to discuss everything in more detail!

WeChat registration prices
WeChat QR
- WeChat QR-Code scanning.
Wechat account
- Ready-made account, with the right to rename to the name of the current owner.

- 100% guarantee against blockages and other failures.

- Ability to transfer your account to another device.

- Registration on following platforms:
Taobao,,, Aliwangwang.

- Round-the-clock technical support 24/7 with the use of video communication until successful completion.
WeChat account
+ Business with China
- We will share the contacts of trusted suppliers: apparel, footwear, accessories.

- We will teach you how to check suppliers and factories from China.

- Assistance in transferring funds to China at a favorable exchange rate.

- We will train you to deliver the Goods properly.

- Feedback and annual technical support 24/7

- Personal Guarantor: If you did everything according to our "Business with China" method and did not recoup the funds for this package, then we will return your money!

Scan Wechat QR-code in 60 seconds

Step - 1
You leave a request or contact us.
Step - 2
We provide free consultation on all questions and issues and agree on a convenient time for you for scanning.
Step - 3
We issue an invoice for payment.
"Very Important"
To avoid controversial situations,
before starting the process, you should enable the "Screen Recording" function on your phone
Step- 4
You send a screenshot of the WeChat
QR-code, we confirm it within few seconds.

How to get a
WeChat account

Please select
a convenient way of communication
and get free
consultation on all issues.

Set of tools
We create an account in 1 minute
and we pass it on to you
on the day of order.
We send instructions, give recommendations and rules for working with WeChat.
Transfer of the usage rights
account user information is registered
on your name.
The entire activation process is carried out at a convenient time for you and under the supervision of our specialists via video communication:
(WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Viber).
We provide a 100% guarantee against blockages and other failures, and also provide our friends with 24/7 technical support.
WeChat delivery
We cooperate with the leaders of international express courier services.
Delivery terms:
CIS - 5-9 business days;
Within Kazakhstan - 1 working day;
Europe and Asia - 7 working days.
More than 318 successfully activated accounts in
9 countries.
100% efficiency of successful account registration, this statistic is achieved thanks to 2 years of experience in researching the nature of WeChat.
Provided assistance
in scanning

Wechat QR-Codes
for 533 users
156 000
156,000 hours for buyers on WeChat.
How to register in Wechat without QR code?
If you don't want to waste time on long and exhausting WeChat activation procedures, it seems logical to purchase a ready-made WeChat account from a trusted person or company. have set high standards.
We create comfort, safety, and we guarantee a 100% result.
How to order from other countries? Is delivery price included in the cost of the account?
Delivery is carried out using international postal services: DHL, SDEK, Ponyexpress, and EMS.
Payment is made separately, according to the established tariffs of the postal services.
Thanks to the light weight and volume of the package, with a discount from our postal partners, delivery is inexpensive and fast!
In the case of purchasing the "Business with China" service, what is the whole training process?
Day 1: "WeChat User Manual"
"Methods of negotiations with Chinese suppliers".
Day 2: "Training to work with platforms such as Alibaba, Taobao,, yiwogo, Badu"
Day 3: "Finding a supplier and checking him for reliability"
Day 4: "Ability to pay for goods, life hacks" and "Methods of delivering the goods and their types"
Day 5: First order!
What are the pros and cons of WeChat?
One of the pros include the application's auto-translation system, with the ability to communicate in 19 languages.
The main opportunity is a quick start for any Business, all suppliers and factories post products with photos, descriptions and prices directly in WeChat.
Chinese supplier considers you to be a Chinese citizen and offers the most delicious prices, which differ significantly from the prices for foreigners :) Tested and verified!
Create a page on Instagram and sell with a 100% margin, it's that simple :)
Why should I trust you?
If you have not found existing users yet who can provide real assistance in confirming the QR-code, or you want to get a ready-made turnkey account without stress, we recommend considering as a partner.
We know everything about Wechat, we have an experienced and responsible team ready to provide professional service.
For us, the most important thing is customer trust and confidence.
We have the most extensive network of active WeChat users.
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